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About Hokkaido Economic Exchange Department
Hokkaido Economic Exchange Department (HEED) has been established in Shanghai by the Hokkaido Government in cooperation with the Japan-China Economic Association.  HEED’s mission is to promote sales of Hokkaido’s agricultural, fishery and processed products in China; to lead Chinese tourists to Hokkaido; and to assist Hokkaido’s companies and entrepreneurs with starting business operations in China.  A staff member from the Hokkaido Government is stationed in HEED, along with a local assistant staff member.

About Japan-China Economic Association
The Japan-China Economic Association was established as a cooperative foundation in 1972 with the approval of the Minister of International Trade and Industry of Japan. The association engages in extensive and wide-ranging business activities as a contact point for Japanese economic and industrial sectors in order to further promote mutual understanding through the sound development of economic relations between Japan and China.
The association has four offices in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenyang) as well as the Headquarters in Tokyo and Head Office in Osaka. In the association’s Beijing Office, the Economic Exchange Department (Sapporo) and Beijing Desk of Hokkaido have been formed to promote economic exchange between Hokkaido and China.